Shungite: A Fresh Start by Moorea Kern

attachment-1After an eventful and challenging 2016, it’s time to welcome in 2017 with open arms and an open mind. Sounds easy enough, yet if we are to do this, and do it right, we cannot carry any outdated baggage with us. In other words, we are unable start a new chapter if our pages are full; so to assist in the process of releasing residual energy and negativity, the stone to work with for the month of January is Shungite.

Shungite is an ancient healing stone, originating from old coal in Russia; it’s believed to date back 2 billion years. It is the only natural material known to contain fullerenes (aka Buckyballs), which work as powerful energetic shields and anti-oxidants.  This property provides excellent protection from harmful EMF smog and geopathic stress. Fullerenes have been shown to cleanse water and infuse it with a positive healing vibration, so consuming water blessed with Shungite is the optimal way to hydrate and refresh a positive mindset. Using Shungite in your space helps to neutralize electronic waves from cell phones, TV’s microwaves and any other electronic devices, encouraging a peaceful atmosphere.

img_8006Working with Shungite on a daily basis will help reduce stress, remove toxins and relieve the user of unnecessary energetic clutter, helping achieve the goal for a fresher and lighter 2017. It can be used as an altar piece, cell phone tablet, brita/water cleansing additive, jewelry or pocket piece, so no matter your lifestyle, there’s a piece for you. May Shungite aid your transition into this new year with grace, optimism and ease.