5 Ways to Tell Your Psychic Abilities are Developing by Lani Reagan

While recent technologies and science has verified the existence of things unseen to the naked eye, it’s worth nothing that before their discovery, these unseen things were always in existence. They simply were not discovered or harnessed until relatively recently. For example, there has always been lightning and electricity. However it took man to uncover it’s existence and then find ways to harness it’s power into a form useful to humans.

So it is with the latent extra-sensory abilities that lie dormant in the heart of humans. With science qualifying the existence of the unseen world at the atomic and sub-atomic levels, our minds are being prepped to discover within ourselves the latent extra-sensory perceptions we can develop and harness for the purpose of healing and wellness. Below are five ways to tell your psychic abilities are about to open up or that they are unfolding.

  • You have had several “circumstantial tornadoes” (unexpected huge changes like job loss, divorce, family estrangements, etc.) sweep through almost every aspect of your life, leaving you questions about who you really are (or want to be) after your former identities have been peeled away.
  • You are drawn to contemplation and meditation practices by invitation or it spontaneously happens in your normal quiet times. Or you find people or places that present opportunities for a mindfulness practice. If you already have a mindfulness practice, you notice you are seeing or hearing things during stillness, but you aren’t afraid or reactive, and you are curious about the meanings.
  • You find yourself knowing who’s calling before you answer your cell or who is knocking on the door, before you open it. You notice that it happens so regularly, you start making a game out of it, to gauge your skills.
  • You start to wish for direct instruction on the topic and wonder if you are too weird for the experiences and have few friends to share your wonderings with.
  • You become willing to believe that the world as you know it, and everything you may have been attached to believing was true, may be only one valid perception in a sea of perceptions. This sense of flexibility, while in itself is a process, brings you to a deep sense of spaciousness. The process and the spaciousness can feel scary and un-grounding or it can feel liberating. Both states will lead you to the same place.

In my experience, the purpose of “life’s tornadoes” is to carry us into a deeper knowingness of our inner abilities and how to use these to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet. My intuitive life coaching packages and sessions are designed to do just that; to instruct, train and guide a person through their highly individual process of listening, hearing and following their still quiet voice and inner wisdom from the level of their own “psychic” skills. I use the word, “psychic” with quotations because it’s not about fortune-telling, rather it’s really about assessment and energy management.

If you find yourself relating to the above information and feel a need for more on how to develop your own extra-sensory abilities, my monthly workshop at Paradise Found may give you a feel for what is possible. Or tune into the upcoming Mid-Week LunchTime Meditations happening in June/July for tips and experiences to apply in your life. Private sessions and coaching packages are available by consult by calling (805) 338-5745 or emailing directly AskLaniNow@gmail.com.

Until we meet, I trust your inner sense will continue to guide you forward bringing you more light as you open to your natural psychic abilities.