4 Practices For Awakening Your Psychic Abilities by Lani Reagan

So you are naturally more intuitive or seem to be very intuitive in certain situations, but you are not sure what to make of it. How can you learn about your skills since these are not topics found in the normal academic curriculum in school.

Maybe one day we’ll see regular training for these inner senses but for now, know that enhancing your natural abilities and developing them is not as difficult as it may seem. It simply takes a regular practice and some guidance. Here are 4 suggestions to help you on your journey of developing your psychic sensitivities. (As well, my JULY 18th workshop at Paradise Found will give you more to work with)

  • Release the need to know, and move into the experience of feeling and being without it having to mean anything. Sometimes it can be the hardest thing to do, to simply let go of our need to know how things turn out. Yet even if you do know what two months from now is purported to bring, you can do little about a moment in time that is 2 months away. Better to learn to be comfortable in a place of un-knowingness that is tinged with a fun, light-hearted expectation of whatever GOOD the Universe shall bring you.


  • Practice LOVE for all beings, and absolutely hear to the old judgements and grievances your lower nature self dialogs about. Recognize these for what they are and choose higher vibrational content to feed on. Natural psychic abilities get enhance when we apply the law of loving-kindness and mercy. Plus, Love-energy acts as a huge catalyst for change and opens up the forehead chakras, by virtue of heart activation.


  • Meditate regularly. Sitting in stillness allows us to absorb and process the energy we naturally fill up with. As well, practicing awareness of this energy serves to helps our inner ears and our inner knowingness, without questioning our experiences or needing to feel alarmed.


  • Be of Service. Service makes the heart chakra expand and become more activated. This increased flow of love-energy lays the foundation for one’s inner knowing-ness to awaken. Being of service helps our inner senses to attune to the subtle frequencies around us being radiated from those we serve and those we are serving with.

Psychic ability is nothing more than being able to tune-in to subtle frequencies for valuable information which can help us live more healthy, joyful and satisfying lives. For more information and helpful tips, attend July 18th’s workshop at Paradise Found for “The Crystal Ball of Intuition” at 7pm or email me directly at AskLaniNow@gmail.com